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Easily Convert Your Website to Web3

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Get ahead of the game! Now you can get all the security and decentralized benefits of Web3 for your WordPress website. Convert your Web 2.0 site to Web3 in minutes.


Our proprietary blockchain technology can convert your website and host it across the blockchain, making your website impervious from hackers or downtime.


Get the future of internet security today. 



  • Become impenetrable to hackers and other bad actors.

  • Get the security you and your users deserve with the best security on the market-the blockchain. 


  • Reach the growing web3 audience

  • Stake your  Web 3 SEO claim now by converting your site early

  • Wordpress, Wix, Joomla, Adobe and JamStack ready

  • Upload and update your JamStack site in Web3 with ease 


  • No longer rely on Big Tech to host, or not host, your site. OWN your site, and keep it safe and online.

  • Without needing anyone else for hosting, you'll notice faster load times, and not worry about the next AWS outage. 

Using Mobile Phone
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Our simple converter can convert your Wordpress, Joomla, Wix or Adobe or JamStack site to Web 3. 


Our unique conversion app updates links and URLs in near real time as your Web2 site is updated to make sure your Web3 site is up to date and all key pages remain accessible. 

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