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The Original Name in
Pay Per Call Advertising

Advertisers: Pay only for results, not for ad placement, and don't risk a dollar on advertising.
Dramatically improve your ROI with 1800PayPerCall.
Our Experience

We are an over 25 year old marketing & media agency that specializes in performance based media, and we are committed to meeting your company’s lead generation needs.

Unique Offline Capabilities

With our long-time established relationships, we have unique access into traditional advertising media, including TV, Radio and Print, all on a performance basis. 

Online & Technology

In addition to our extensive offline relationships, we generate calls via a host of proven online channels, including search and click to call

All calls are tracked for easy management.

Who are we
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Stay Smart

We operate on a Pay-Per-Call basis, so you pay only for  high quality inbound calls, and not for the placement of your advertisement.


This makes 1800PayPerCall among the most cost-effective and low risk methods of acquiring sales leads from consumer media.

Stay Simple

​We place your ad on our own media, on our own dime, and route the calls straight to you.

1800PayPerCall gets your company high quality, user initiated phone leads and live transfers, so you can see your sales and business grow! 

How it works

Imagine receiving phone calls from new customers without risking a dollar on advertising!


Performance Based TV

We place short form- :30 & :60 second spots- and long form television ads through our association with local and national television properties and networks.

This product would be for advertisers with existing direct response TV ads.


Our specific direct-response television model can save you a ton in media costs.

How It Works

The system is remarkably simple.


We take your direct response ads, or help you create them, and place them on our own extensive media at no cost to you. Inbound calls that are generated from these ads are tracked via unique toll-free phone numbers that are routed directly to your point of specification, be it your call center or main business line.


You only pay for the calls you receive, and not for media costs! And getting started is easy.

Route Calls Anywhere

We provide toll-free phone numbers that all ring directly at the destination point you designate.


Simply decide where you’d like the incoming toll-free calls to go, and we will have them directed to the phone line of your choice.


Using cutting-edge technology, we can manage thousands of distinct toll-free numbers simultaneously, in order to help maximize your lead generation opportunities.

How Much Does it Cost?
We charge on a mutually agreed upon cost-per-call basis. As categories and offers vary, a standardized cost per call is not feasible to list.
Our ad placement and call tracking services are included at no additional charge, and all calls lasting under thirty seconds, and in some cases 60 seconds or more, are not billed. 
This extremely efficient system helps dramatically minimize your marketing and advertising risk.
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Toll Free: 1 (800) PayPerCall

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